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Pure Desire: How One Man's Triumph Over His Greatest Struggle Can Help Others Break Free
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ted roberts found christ in the skies over vietnam, where he flew life-and-death missions as a marine fighter pilot.
unbeknownst to his wife, however, he also brought home from the war an addiction to pornography.
since his recovery, dr.
roberts has spoken to thousands of men about similar problems, and he has reached an inescapable conclusion: hell is using sexual bondage to tear the church apart! our world, our homes, our churches have become raging battlefields over this issue, and the internet a stealth bomber from hell with pornography as its payload.
more and more men-even christian leaders-are fighting for their spiritual lives.
now churches can counterattack the enemy's assault with this effective battle plan and strategy for dealing with sexual addiction.
it's a matter of spiritual life or death.